Asana Comes to Android

Yesterday Asana arrived for Android, bringing a top-notch task management solution to a market that could really use another entry in the category:
Here’s what you can do with the Android version:

  • Add and assign new tasks and edit existing tasks on the go.
  • Add or change due dates, notes, tags, followers, recurring schedules and projects for any task.
  • Search a Workspace for any task, project, person or tag.
  • Communicate with your team by adding comments to tasks.
  • Collaborate in real-time with Mobile Inbox.
  • Drag-and-drop to re-prioritize tasks in a project or your My Tasks list.

While Asana has been available via a mobile website for a while (and for iOS for some time as well), this is the first iteration of Asana for android. The Asana team has this to say about the new addition to the roster:

“Our ultimate goal is to build a mobile experience that matches the craftsmanship, elegance, and power of the desktop web app. While achieving that goal is a long road to walk, the first version of our Android app is a great first step.”

I don’t have an Android device, but if this compares to the recent iOS version, then this is some real progress for those who use Asana that have wanted mobile access from their Android device. You can pick up Asana for Android here.

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