Big Week: 70Decibels Acquired by 5by5

This is old news, but it’s still good news…
The podcast network that Mikes on Mics is part of, 70Decibels, has been acquired by 5by5.

5by5 is one of the most popular podcasting networks on the planet, and I’m stoked that Michael Schechter and I will be hosting our show on a network that already boasts talents like Merlin Mann, David Sparks, Katie Floyd, Gina Trapani, Andy Ihnatko, and many more. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Benjamin back when I produced and hosted the WorkAwesome podcast, and I’m thrilled that we’re joining a network that he pours so much into each and every day.

I’m also incredibly happy for the rest of the 70Decibels family (yep, we’re a family), but especially for our fearless leader, Myke Hurley. He deserves a ton of accolades for what he’s done to build the network — and then some. Here’s hoping this acquisition means he can fulfill his dream of being a full-time podcaster — he deserves that as well.

For now it’s business as usual for all concerned, but when things really start to shift I’ll let you know. As far as I can tell the move will be seamless, and when all is said and done I believe the founders, hosts, and (most importantly) the audience will reap the benefits of this acquisition.