Dyscultured: Jobs, Jack and HP

This was the first time in too long that I was around for the entire show — and, boy, was there a ton to talk about.1
We talked about Steve Jobs stepping down as CEO (we did the show on the day it happened), the death of NDP federal leader Jack Layton and another death that pertains to the technology aspect of what we cover on Dyscultured: The death of the HP TouchPad…and (perhaps) webOS.

Dyscultured #148: Canada’s Chalk Talk

There’s more to it than what’s mentioned above…you really need to give it a listen. Fair warning: the show runs an hour or so — as each episode is apt to do — so set aside some time where you can crack a cold Canuck beer and play along at home. We do this thing live every week, and we’d love it if you spent it with us.

1 Man, I missed those guys.