Dyscultured: Number 150

This week’s episode marked the 150th time the show has gone to the web, whether via livestream or podcast. That makes Dyscultured one of the longest running Canadian technology/pop culture podcasts on the web. Accordingly, we drank to celebrate.
In between drinks we discussed Rogers’ notion of becoming a pseudo-bank, a ton of Apple stuff, Anth’s love for green lasers and a whole lot more.

Dyscultured 150 – feat. Shandrew the Killer Whale
This episode also marks my last one for the foreseeable future, as I’ve got a ton on the go. A hiatus is in order from a few things, and Dyscultured happens to be one of the few. The gang will forge ahead with “Producineer” Ryan Wiseman taking up co-hosting duties during my sabbatical…and it will be every bit as entertaining each and every week.

In keeping with the theme of the latest episode of the show, I toast the entire Dyscultured universe — the crew, the community and beyond. I’ll be listening…and I’ll eventually be back.