Empire Avenue State of Mind

So…I had a totally different post ready to fly today.
I was about to publish it, when I noticed that someone had bought “shares” in me via my Twitter profile. It piqued my curiosity, since I had no idea that I had an IPO on my social media profiles.

Turns out I do — or can, at least. All due to Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue is described as The Social Media Exchange — which makes it a play on the more traditional stock exchange. But instead of trading stock shares, you’re trading social media shares. The folks at Empire Avenue go on to describe themselves as follows:

“Empire Avenue is the Social Media Exchange, where you can buy and sell shares in any social media profile, meet new people, unlock Achievement badges, and earn boatloads of virtual cash by being active and social online! Buy shares in your friends, your followers, people with similar interests, brands you love, celebrities – anyone! All using a virtual currency and all for free!”

I’m going to play around with it for a bit1 and give further impressions in a couple of weeks. I don’t know if this is something that has flown under the radar because it’s more weirdly unique than useful unique, but I’m willing to spend some time with it to see how valuable it is.2

Speaking of valuable, here’s how valuable I appear to be. Go ahead and own some of me if you want to help build your own empire with an inexpensive (yet up-and-coming) Internetian.

1 I’m a little late to the party, I suppose, since Empire Avenue started up last year. But, after all, I do have a little of my alter-ego in me.
2 Please don’t be MY FarmVille. Please don’t be MY FarmVille….