Focus on OmniFocus with OmniFocus Premium Posts

I’m tremendously excited for the opportunity to be part of The OmniFocus Setup at the end of this month in San Francisco – and now that fellow Mikes on Mics co-host Michael Schechter will be in on the proceedings as well, it makes the event all the better. But Schechter isn’t the only recent addition to the day – Thanh Pham from Asian Efficiency will also be on hand. He’s a great addition too…because he and his Asian Efficiency cohort Aaron Lynn know a thing or two about OmniFocus.
And today they’ve released a product that aims to helps you get as much out of OmniFocus as they do.

It’s called OmniFocus Premium Posts, and it’s a comprehensive written program (with bonus audio) that covers OmniFocus from pillar to post. Here’s what they have to say about it:

We often get asked on how to use OmniFocus the right way and make it work for you (instead of you mindlessly fiddling with it). While we have released a ton of content on the blog already, this product will have all of our cutting edge and new stuff wrapped in one product to help you use OmniFocus better, faster and more effectively.

Whether you’re new to the application or a seasoned OmniFocus veteran, you’ll get a lot out of this package. Both the authors go over their own OmniFocus setups, and also dive into how other apps can integrate with this incredibly powerful task management app. And that’s only a small offering of what OmniFocus Premium Posts offers.

The written material clocks in at over 250 pages, and you’ll also get the following materials in this package:

  • Bonus Post: The Inner Game of Task Management
  • Bonus OmniFocus Custom Themes (although I still prefer to use these)
  • Over 45 minutes of bonus audio

You’ll get all of this for only $67.1 Couple this package along with David Sparks’s excellent screencasts and you’ll have plenty of resources to improve your overall usage of OmniFocus. And that means you’ll improve your overall productivity – and you can’t put a price on that.

1 Although I do mention this on my Start Here page as a blanket statement, I am an affiliate for this program. Just so you’re aware.