Getting Better Done

The book is almost done. Just polishing off the final edits. Then I’ll have a release date.
The inbox is almost at zero, but I’ve been doing the work that now lives outside the inbox far more than the stuff arriving in it. The steady flow of work is happening, and I’m getting closer to complete.

I’ve had a lot more heavy lifting days than light lifting ones in recent weeks. Shifting back to normal there as well, and my family sure has been patient all the while.

The 2013 plan is taking shape just as the 2012 plan is wrapping up. There was a lot of carry over, but not nearly as much as in past years.

I’m in a great place. It’s not the greatest place, but it is pretty great. And that’s better than good…right?

Better choices are being made.

Better things are being done.

Better methods are being used — and better tools for those methods are helping.

Better thoughts are flowing through my mind.

I’m getting better…done.

If there’s anything here that I can do to help you get better done, then let me know in the comments below or share them with me elsewhere. There are things like Mike Techniques and Mikes on Mics where I’m partnering up with A Better Mess’s Michael Schechter, but I want that to be just part of the larger landscape.

Let’s get better done together.