Getting Better in 2013: ThisLife

I joined ThisLife when it first was available thinking it would be the ideal place for my wife and I to share photos, no matter what device they were taken with (her iPhone 3GS or my 4S) and no matter when they were taken. I started to populate ThisLife with a lot of my photos from 2012, and was preparing to do some that famous “front end work” that I talk about when suddenly…they were acquired. That gave me pause.
In fact, it initiated a full stop.

Shutterfly acquired ThisLife just seven days into 2013, after I’d listed the service as one i’d like to get better acquainted with this year. When Instagram was acquired by Facebook, I quickly closed me account. I haven’t done that with ThisLife…yet.

I’m not the only one, either. Dave Caolo over at 52Tiger was less than enthusiastic about the acquisition as well. I don’t know if he’s bailed yet, but I have yet to add anything to ThisLife since January 7th. I’m back to using iPhoto – and I’m thinking that if I do the front end work with the “sensible default” that Apple provides that maybe I can get along just fine with that.

ThisLife was meant to help me be more efficient and effective with my photos – giving me a means to share them not only with my wife, but with others as I see fit. But maybe ThisLife’s acquisition has managed to make that happen anyway since I’m now dealing with one less service to get better acquainted with in 2013.

(What’s next on the “Getting Better in 2013” list? I’m thinking…Alfred)