How Packed is My Mac?

The latest episode of Mikes on Mics just went live this morning, featuring our riffing on the popular 70Decibels’ Enough podcast segment known as How Bare is Your Air? – which we have dubbed How Packed is Your Mac? 1

I’m the first victim of this homage to one of the “favouritest” podcasts of yours truly and my esteemed co-host Mr. Michael Schechter, revealing that my MacBook Air really isn’t all that bare at all.2

That said, it is far more bare than I had thought…so there’s that.

Give it a listen – or do one better and subscribe to the podcast here in iTunes.

Photo credit: Ian Smith (CC BY 2.0)

1Albeit without theme music…so far.
2As opposed to what I revealed when I was on Enough offering up the nakedness of it — and even when I confessed to having a bit more inside of it on this very weblog.