How Technology Encourages Excess

Today is Boxing Day in Canada, which has essentially become our country’s equivalent of the USA’s Black Friday. Bargains can be had virtually everywhere, with stores packed with people looking to catch a price break on any number of things. They hope they’ll be able to pick up something that they didn’t get under the tree yesterday.

I had no intention of being part of that today.

The latest technology likely found its way into many homes this week, and as a result a ton more will find its way into homes before the week ends.

Got a new computer? Now you need a backup drive.

Got a tablet? Now you need a case.

Got an HD television? Now you need a Blu-ray player.

It doesn’t stop – and Boxing Day is a day where there’s no better time to add more tech to your life.

Technology can encourage minimalism, but at this time of year (and anytime a new product comes out) it can also encourage excess. But it doesn’t have to. Why fall into either camp?

Brett Kelly wrote a great piece about “fiddling” this week, so before you go out and add more bargain-basement technology to your arsenal (whether it’s hardware or software) you need to give it a read. Then ask yourself if you’ve already got the tools you need to get the job done.

Chances are you already have everything you need – no more and no less.