Hypocritically Speaking

This week on Mikes on Mics, Schechter and I talk about my posts here regarding a move back to Gmail (here) and OmniFocus (here), other tools I’ve added to my workflow, and we even touch on why we make the choices we make when it comes to the tools we use.

(And Schechter enjoyed naming the podcast episode, so there’s that.)

You can listen to Episode 27: Vardy is a Hypocrite over at the 70Decibels website, and you can subscribe to the podcast via RSS here. If you’re an iTunes kind of person, you can subscribe to us that way as well. (By the way, we’d love to get some more ratings and reviews in iTunes, so if you do get the podcast via that platform then we’d appreciate any stars or words you could offer. We may even mention you on an upcoming episode if you do…)

Photo credit: Jeff Gates (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)