In the Moment at the World Domination Summit

I haven’t been writing very much lately due to my travelling, and this weekend while at the World Domination Summit has been no exception.

I’m currently sitting in Michael Schechter’s hotel room writing this…a room where we have recorded two episodes of Mikes on Mics. We’re both sipping some dandy scotch, getting whatever words we can get out of our heads and into our respective MacBook Airs.

I’ve watched some great talks and met some great people. I’m reconnecting with a slew of other people — people like Jean MacDonald (founder of AppCamp4Girls), David Sparks, Brett Kelly, Jodi Womack, and more. I’m meeting people in person for the first time that I’ve connected with online — people like Todd Henry, Mike Rohde, Jason Womack and more.

I’m not tweeting all that much — in fact, most of my tweets have been retweets of the experience from the point of view of others in attendance. I’m digesting and then (importantly) decompressing throughout the event.

Despite having a schedule of events, I’m not keeping tabs on time all that much. Instead, I’m focusing on what I do with as many moments possible as opposed to where I am at any given time. I’m being at WDS in my own way, rather than trying to do WDS all the way.

I don’t know what I’ll do with the next moment yet — but I know I’ll be present for it. And that’s what really counts when you’re at an event like this.