Introducing Solo: The Social Network That’s Just For You

(Note: With all of the notice that Pair is getting lately, it reminded me that I received this press release a few days back regarding a hot new social networking app as well. It’s pretty compelling, so rather than water down the message, I figure I’d just share it with you as-is. Enjoy.)1

You’ve all heard of Facebook, where everyone knows lots about you, regardless of whether you posted it or not.

You’ve probably heard of Twitter, where you connect with people with short updates and grow your network of online friends.

You might have heard about Path, where you can share your thoughts, places, photos and even your musical tastes with a close number of friends.

You probably haven’t heard about Pair — that’s okay, it’s new — where you can connect with your loved one (yep, just one) when you’re apart. As @zenmancer on Twitter described it:

“It’s like texting.. only more restrictive and way less useful.. awesome!”2

We think we’ve come up with a social networking platform that speaks to you – and only you – personally.

It’s called Solo.

The problem with today’s social networks is that they spread your focus away from the most important person in your life: you. That’s a problem. You end up being connected with everyone else and you stop being connected with yourself. And there’s no way you can be truly connected to others without being connected to yourself first, right?


Solo’s iPhone app really puts the “i” in iPhone. It allows you to send yourself messages that are meant for your eyes only. You can send yourself photos as well – but our unique face-recognition algorithm only allows you to send photos of yourself to yourself. In fact, the only camera on your iPhone with Solo is the FaceTime camera. That way you never lose sight of yourself – no matter where you are.

Speaking of where you are, Solo’s location awareness feature is second to none. By simply pressing the “You Are Here” button, you’ll know exactly where you are. This is ideal for those who are always looking to find themselves, because Solo finds yourself for you. Isn’t technology amazing?

And if you thought Facebook was good at telling you what you like, wait until you give Solo a spin. It knows exactly what you like all the time, and without anyone else’s influence getting in the way. Influence isn’t an option with Solo; we built it with isolation in mind. Doing so also took care of any privacy issues these other networks have. All of your data is uploaded to our servers and then shared back to you, removing the friction on both ends of the spectrum. There’s a clear path to you each and every time – for us and for you. That’s what makes Solo such a seemingly seamless platform.

We’ll be offering more details on Solo as it gets closer to market, including pricing (it’ll be free) and what mobile platforms it will be available for (iPhone only), but we believe Solo is the best personal social networking experience you’ll ever have.

Unless you don’t like yourself. Maybe try MySpace if that’s the case.

Photo credit: Laurie mcGregor (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

1 This post was inspired by this tweet from Michael Schechter and this post by Merlin Mann.
2 #notactuallyawesome