Keynoting at Freelance Camp Vancouver

I’m looking forward to delivering a keynote at Freelance Camp Vancouver on Saturday September 10.
My keynote is entitled The Productivity Diet: Putting Freedom into Your Freelancing.

The Productivity Diet discusses how freelancers can stop “doing” productive and start “being” productive. A balanced productivity diet isn’t just about getting productive so that one can start producing results, it’s about picking the right things to use and do to ensure that you can deliver the results that are right for one and one’s work. Through practical tips, advice and examples of how following that path will give one the freedom to pursue the things that are really important to them. All of this will illustrate how freelancers can do work that is fulfilling, rather than just doing work that keeps them full.

I was an attendee at this event last year and got a lot out of it, including a ton of knowledge in the sessions. As always, it’s the people that attend the event that make it what it is — and it’s the team that puts it together that deserve the biggest thanks. I made some great connections that helped me throughout the past year, and am stoked to see many of them again in a few weeks’ time.

Tickets for Freelance Camp Vancouver are on sale now, and the price couldn’t be more reasonable. I can’t think of a better investment for a freelancer, no matter how long they’ve been at it. The event is described as follows, after all:

“…Freelance Camp is a great way to network, meet potential clients and/or partners – chat with people running successful freelance businesses. With a diverse range of experience, you can explore different approaches to freelancing.”

There you have it. An unconference that is well worth the price of admission.

I hope to see you there.