Letting the Sparks Fly

Today is a travel day.1 I don’t have a lot to say as a result, mainly because I don’t have the time to say it.

I do, however, have something for you that is worth listening to: the latest Mikes on Mics podcast episode.

This week, Schechter and I talk with David Sparks (MacSparky, Mac Power Users, Paperless, and much more) about a great deal – which is fitting considering that David does a great deal himself.

How does David get everything done? Do The Mikes have a hope in hell of even coming close to achieving what David does? You’ll have to listen to Episode 25 to find out.

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Photo credit: MacSparky

1 I’m heading home after what seems like forever, yet it’s only been a couple of weeks. More on this next week.