On the ZenGeek Podcast

Andrew Marvin and Jeffrey Inacho have started a new podcast and it is pretty terrific. It’s called the ZenGeek Podcast, and the style of delivery and conversation is refreshing, not because others aren’t doing these types of podcasts, but because the voices are so fresh and the thoughts and ideas coming from them are articulate and provocative.

The podcast focuses on technology and mindfulness — two things I’m very passionate about, and Andrew and Jeffrey fit really well together (much like a couple of other guys I know). Each episode clocks in at about an hour, but even though they’re only three episodes in as of this writing, the time flows by and I’m eager to hear more from them.1

I like a podcast that makes me think and reflect, and the ZenGeek Podcast certainly makes me do both. One of those things is usually enough, but having both aspects covered is rare — and these gentlemen are to be commended for finding that sweet spot.

To sum up my thoughts on the ZenGeek Podcast: Subscribed. Join me, won’t you?

Photo credit: Timothy Takemoto (CC BY 2.0)

1 On a selfish note, I really wish Andrew would dive into Path again. I’m going to be giving the app a lot more time now — moreso than The Book of Faces.