The 2011 Persons of Internet

It’s been a tremendous year for me, which I’ll get to later this week. But I’m not the only one who’s had a great 2011. To be fair, I’m speaking from my perspective on their year — and it’s my perspective that is taken into account as I reveal the 2011 Persons of Internet.

Michael Schechter is someone I became aware of at the tail end of the summer, and his work continues to impress me. With his work at A Better Mess has become required reading for me as he dives deep into a realm that am particularly fond of — productivity. And he keeps getting better, both with his mess and with his work.

I’ve gotten to know Myke Hurley a little bit better of the past year, and his 70Decibels podcast network has several podcasts that are part of my regular podcast diet. I can’t wait to see what the network will bring in 2012, and I most certainly can’t wait to see what he can do when he takes it on full time. Yep, he’s built this little network of his while working a day job. Unreal.

A self-proclaimed failed writer, Yuvi Zalkow is anything but. Yet the fact he takes that ball and runs with it is admirable, as I’ve done something similar — although not nearly as well as Yuvi has. I can’t wait to see how much more success he has with failure in the coming years.

CM Smith is a new colleague of mine at Stepcase Lifehack, and we’ve had a great few months of working alongside each other. He’s done a lot in the past year but what intrigues me is more what he’s going to do in 2012 and beyond. I’ve made a great friend in Chris this year — and he’s going to do even greater things very, very soon.

To round out the list: Aaron Mahnke. He does a lot of stuff (Read & Trust, Helvetindex Cards, authoring a few novels such as The Hand of Andulain) and yet he’s just getting started. I can think of no better way to wrap up this list than by offering up my respect here for a man who’s got a lot on the go…and still keeps going.

That’s this year’s Persons of Internet — quite the crop indeed. Let’s see what they do in 2012, shall we?

Photo credit: Snap (CC BY 2.0)