The Productivityist Podcast: A Focus on Flourishing with Charlie Gilkey

This episode’s guest is a long-time friend whom I met at the World Domination Summit. He is the founder of Productive Flourishing, a best-selling author, the host of the Creative Giant podcast, and a productivity expert: Charlie Gilkey.

Charlie helps creative people to start finishing stuff that matters. This involves weeding out through the noise of various tasks, priorities, and projects through Project Cagematch, and other productivity concepts up his sleeve. Half an hour is never enough for the two of us as we geeked out and chatted on various subjects.

In this week’s episode, we discussed:

  • Charlie’s views on starting the year and how (like me) he decides on starting it in a different month than January.
  • What got him – or necessitated him – to get into productivity, and how being a person of multiple interests had him realize the lack of conversation on productivity in the academe.
  • A brief background/history of the productivity movement and resource people, and how the productivity scene is much more competitive and challenging to break into currently.
  • His tips on what people can do to wade through opportunities amidst ongoing projects.
  • How to apply the Project Cagematch (a concept that originated from wrestling) in planning and prioritizing, which starts with self-compassion and how the process reveals our true values and goals.
  • The one word to remove from our mental dialogues.
  • Priorities and aspirations: The difference between the two and our tendency to confuse these ideas.
  • How the starts and finishes of projects are more “hyped” concepts, leaving behind the middle part – and how to deal with messy middles and thrashing.
  • His thoughts on letting go – which involves reviewing stuff periodically, updating awareness, recognizing changes, and the idea of sustainable mediocrity.

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