The Productivityist Podcast: Fostering Your Inner Youpreneur with Chris Ducker

  The guest on this episode of The Productivityist Podcast is my good friend Chris Ducker, whom I will be joining at the Tropical Think Tank event happening this coming March. Chris is a Virtual CEO, as he manages a BPO Call Center company and a Virtual Assistance business. But it hadn’t always been this way for Chris, who has also gone through long days and nights working IN his business before realizing that it wasn’t the way to live a truly productive life. In this episode we’ll discuss his life and business principles, Youpreneur and his other businesses, and the upcoming Tropical Think Tank. Here are some subjects we talked about:

  • Chris discussed the evolution and intentional changes in his businesses.
  • Why people prefer to work with people instead of businesses or big brands, and Chris’s insights on how to set up businesses around the P2P philosophy.
  • How Chris decided on making his name his own brand, and his mantra when it comes to marketing your brand.
  • We also discussed how productivity isn’t always about speed, an anecdote on what made him decide to slow down, start delegating and making an intention to flip the switch, get away from work and just have fun.
  • We talked about deleting certain tasks and projects that are no longer serving him, and why saying no to certain things, opportunities and engagements free him up to intentionally do things that he really wants to do.
  • Chris dives into how to be everywhere, the behind-the-scenes process to do this, and choosing which platforms – based on your brand and personality to create a regular presence in. He also provided update on the Youpreneur community and what it currently offers to its members.

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