The Productivityist Podcast: Giving and Growing with Philip McKernan

 My guest for this episode is Philip McKernan. He is an inspirational speaker, philosopher, writer, and filmmaker who works with entrepreneurs and leaders to live a life that benefits all aspects of their lives. This is one of the most impactful episodes I’ve ever had. We had a very refreshing conversation that covered so much it can get you to see things in a different light. He talked about letting go, alignment, consumption of information, and authenticity. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Some highlights of this episode are:

  • The mindset that puts money on a pedestal, the freedom people think it provides, and how that doesn’t equate to peace of mind, sense of fulfillment and purpose.
  • How long it took him to realize that what he was chasing was out of alignment with who he really was.
  • How “busy-ness” and chaos indicates an underlying pain, how staying busy is just a rationalization of the feeling of disconnection, and how society evolved such that busy became socially acceptable.
  • Indicators and manifestations of a life that is not aligned.
  • The problem with people consuming so many how-to-guides and information instead of trusting their internal wisdom, gut, and intuition.
  • His insights on retreats and conferences, and finding those that actually resonate with an individual in a way that can serve them emotionally and intellectually.
  • The film he put together titled Give & Grow, his definition of what gifts are vs. talents, what drove him to create a film, and why he used this specific medium.
  • The two core things human beings want to do.
  • Strategies to let go on an emotional level and what things that we carry deep down end up sabotaging ourselves.
  • How being aligned is a human possibility that creates fluency making things easier, instead of thinking that life must be hard and hard work is necessary.
  • His thoughts on minimalism as not merely letting go of material things but is deeply rooted in alignment and emotions.
  • The overwhelming expectation for perfection, productivity, and success people are subjected upon – which may not necessarily be their personal truth but a reflection of their family’s, friend’s, or society’s expectations.
  • His thoughts on consumption of information – whether online or offline and how to move from mere information to knowledge, wisdom, and awareness.
  • How he spent a huge chunk of his life suppressing his real self.
  • His advice on how everyone should deal with life.

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Thanks for listening. See you next time!