Episode 411: Justin Jackson talks about Making and Modifying

My guest on this episode is my friend Justin Jackson. I wanted to revisit this conversation from April 2017, so I pulled it from the vault to share it with you once again.

Justin is a ton of things.

Justin’s a dad, a husband, an entrepreneur, and a coach. He’s the founder of Megamaker, cofounder of Transistor.fm, and cofounder of Meeps. He is also the author of Jolt, the creator of Marketing for Developers and Tiny Marketing Wins, and an overall serial maker.

Justin Jackson aims to help people through the things they create. And he does a great job at that.

On this episode, we discussed the processes of making and/or modifying. We spent time going over his systems and approaches in the different initiatives and creations he is working on.

It’s a conversation between two Canadians who just so happen to be friends. I really can’t wait to spend time with Justin Jackson again for another productive conversation. Until then, this one will do nicely.

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