ProductiVardy: Cal Newport

An excerpt from this week’s ProductiVardy podcast:

“…we’ve been sold on this idea — that I call The Passion Hypothesis — that we’re somehow encoded with something that we’re meant to do and you have to discover it, and if you discover it then you’ll be happy. And it really just does not jive with what you see when you go around…and find people who do really enjoy what they do.” – Cal Newport on the quest for one’s passion

Cal and I discuss his thoughts on websites that focus on lifehacking and productivity, where he’d like to see them go, the subject of his next book due out in September 2012 and what his “information diet” consists of. I was really stoked to speak with Cal and think that this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of conducting.

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I hope you’ll join me on the podcast…you won’t be disappointed.