Rdio has to be loving this…

Today, Ben Brooks over at The Brooks Review pointed out that anyone who wants to sign up for Spotify from now on can only do so via their Facebook account.
Thankfully, I’m in Canada and can’t legitimately use Spotify.Further thankfully, I’m an Rdio guy.2

With Facebook moving its “furniture” around on a regular basis — I managed to trip over something on there more often than not these days, like Dick Van Dyke tripping over a virtual ottoman — and privacy concerns regarding the popular social network on the forefront more and more every day, this partnership may wind up being more beneficial to Rdio. I mean, you can connect your Facebook and Rdio accounts, but it is by no means a requirement in order to sign up and use the music subscription service.

Short-sighted move on Spotify’s part. Or as Ben so eloquently put:

“That is lame.”

1. There are other ways to get it up here, so I’ve heard.
2. The “an” is used due to pronunciation of the service, folks. I know “grammaritization”. 😉