Stop Searching and Start Shipping

Every day we open up our laptops, turn on our tablets or swipe our smartphones and start searching for something. Whether it’s within an app, or within the walls of the World Wide Web, or within our inboxes…we search.

And while it’s true that we do tend to do something with what we end up finding, are we missing out on dealing with what we already have found beforehand? That project you’ve got slowly simmering, that book you’ve been waffling on writing, that piece of software that is closer to being vaporware than anything else.

You search for things rather than ship things.

I’ve done it. I still do it. I’m doing it less and less1, but there’s a pull there that is hard to avoid. We all do it because it’s always easier to look to see what’s on the surface than it is to dig deep and see what’s underneath. I have tools to help me dig – things like Asana, OmniFocus, Drafts, Byword, and many more apps. I have more tools than many, but I’m getting better at picking only the ones I need to use. The tools that are well-worn because they get the job done and aren’t nearly as shiny as the new ones that are available.

I don’t want to be known as someone who who has an amazing set of tools and yet has built nothing with them.

Do you?

Stop searching and start shipping. The rewards of doing the latter are much greater.

Photo credit: Steve Gibson (CC BY 2.0)