A Conservative Change

On a day where Canada’s Conservative government announced that our nation will no longer be making pennies, I find it fitting that I have some announcements on change myself…

With all of the heavy-duty writing I’m doing these days, I’m going to pare back my pledge to post twice daily here. There will be at least one post per day, but there are just too many other things going on for me to be able to write quality stuff here upwards of 12 times per week.

What exactly are these “too many things” I speak of?

  • My book.
  • My new role at Stepcase Lifehack.
  • My family.
  • The Mikes on Mics podcast.1
  • My miscellaneous other writing activities.2

(Wait…what was that second one?)

Well, starting next week I take on my new position with Stepcase Lifehack as Managing Editor. It means more responsibility (and more hours), so rather than even try to maintain my pace here I’m going to lower the posting frequency to play it safe. By setting things up this way now, I am making my life (and my family’s lives) a whole lot easier – and I can still keep plugging away at everything else I mentioned above.

So I’m shifting. And tweaking. And saying “no”. And I’m doing it all in one go.

2012 has started off as quite the year – and I’m only one quarter of the way through it.3 I can’t wait to see the next three quarters have to offer.

What do you think about this change of mine? A penny for your thoughts…

Photo credit: Benson Kua (CC BY-SA 2.0)

1 And there’s going to be a big announcement regarding this thing next Monday too.
2 I’ll offer up details on these as I get ‘em done.
By the way, thanks to everyone who has helped make the first 3 months of this year better than all of last year here at Vardy.me. I’m truly grateful that you pop by to read my work here.