A Look at Evernote Essentials 4.0

I didn’t really use Evernote all that much until this year.

Sure, I used it for some things, but not nearly to its potential. And while I definitely don’t use it for task management1, I do use it as a means to store a lot of information. Wheter I’m using it to write down ideas for blog posts (or much greater exploits) or simply storing things like what beer I have in my cellar, Evernote has become a valuable tool in my arsenal.

And Brett Kelly deserves a lot of credit for that.2.

He’s just released the latest version (version 4.0) of his best-selling guide to Evernote, Evernote Essentials. This version packs in more Evernote knowledge than ever before, including a ton of new material. Writing a book on an ever-evolving product like Evernote is a daunting task, and Brett has taken it on full bore.

One of the new additions in this version is a section on Evernote’s new Reminders capabilities. Now Reminders hasn’t been a feature I’ve used all that much since it initially arrived on the scene, but Brett’s offered up a couple of handy uses cases that might just be worth exploring.

Actually, Brett offers a ton of interesting use cases throughout Evernote Essentials, including:

  • Event-specific notebooks
  • Meeting notes
  • Running lists
  • Travel
  • Parents (which is the one that helped get my wife giving Evernote a look)

Brett even gets into how he uses Evernote. That’s something that goes a long way for anyone just getting into an app that — despite its versatility — can be difficult to wrap your head around. Brett details what he does (and doesn’t) use Evernote for, which is incredibly valuable.

And since most people start using Evernote in order to adopt a “paperless” lifestyle, Evernote Essentials details an approach to help you do that as seamlessly as possible.

This book goes way beyond the essentials, and that’s why it’s so beneficial…and valuable. And if you’ve purchased Evernote Essentials before today, this will be a free update. (Just watch your email boxes for how to download the new version.)

If you’re looking to get really comfortable with Evernote — whether you’re new to it, someone who’s had an account for ages and hasn’t done all that much with it, or a seasoned user — Evernote Essentials is a great investment of your time and money. It’s now priced at $14.99 for a limited time to celebrate its release — and this is the first iteration of the book that is also available for iBooks. Get it here.

1 That’s Daniel Gold’s thing.

2 Brett’s a
friend of mine, so I’ll refer to him as “Brett” over the usual surname during this piece for that reason.