Productivity is Hard

Actually being productive is hard. Really hard.
There are ways to make being productive less hard. Building a framework that lends itself to a more productive lifestyle is one way. Spending time with resources that aim to help you work through adopting positive productivity practices are another. Looking at several aspects of me and then thinking about them is yet another.

It’s easy to get stuff done, but it’s hard to get the right stuff done. Why is that? Because all of the stuff that isn’t right (although not necessarily wrong) can obstruct your view.

Checking your email is easy. Ignoring your email is hard. Its always easier to have someone else tell you whats next than to figure out whats next for yourself. You’ll rarely second guess someone else openly, but you’ll more likely do that to yourself. Unless you send yourself email, by checking email you are letting someone else have the ability to shape your day from the onset.

Keeping track of time is easy. Keeping track of tasks is hard. We got so caught up in time management that we forget about task management, and that’s going to impact your productivity in a negative manner. Focus on task first and time second. It will make a world of difference.

Having ideas is easy. Making them happen is hard. Ideas come and go, with only a handful (if that) seeing the light of day. The flow of ideas can’t be quelled, but they can be kept from going. All you need to is foster them by making note of them, capturing them, and giving them enough time and space to grow. That’s all you need to do…and that’s hard to do.

It’s all hard. All of it. Life, work, balance, building…it’s all hard. While reading this weblog can help (including The Productivityist Workbook and some of the stuff I’ve set aside in the (PRE)PRODUCTIVITYIST e-book), sometimes you need something that you can call upon quickly and easily. Even the manifesto I’ve written might be too long for moments such as those.

When that happens, you can call upon an oath that I have created. It’s clearly inspired by my love for the Green Lantern (and written as I wear the Green Lantern ring my kids got me for Christmas, no less). I believe it incorporates the best aspects of what it is to not only be a productivityist, but to be someone who wants to get the best – and the most – out of life. It’s called The Productivityist Oath, and hopefully it will bring the best out of you whenever you need to call on it.

To keep what’s most important always within sight;

To check off not all boxes, just the ones that are right;

Whether the day’s lifting is heavy, or its lifting is light;

All these things in tandem are the Productivityist’s plight.