Review: The Productivity Blueprint

If you’ve been looking for a program that will not only elevate your productivity now but for years to come, then you’re going to want to give The Productivity Blueprint some serious consideration.

Developed by Asian Efficiency, the team that brought you OmniFocus Premium Posts, The Productivity Blueprint delivers the goods on several fronts. They describe the course as “layered” and I couldn’t agree more. Much like how I’ve said that every time you read David Allen’s Getting Things Done you’ll get something different – perhaps something deeper – out of it, the same can be said for The Productivity Blueprint. And that’s a very good thing.

The Productivity Blueprint is broken down into four modules, and each module has a specific element (dealing with email, distractions, etc.) that is explored in great detail. Because the course is so layered, you also don’t need to complete one particular module before another so you can spend time on any given area that you feel you need to improve first. That said, it’s ideal to do each module itself in order because elements of earlier sessions within the module are necessary to grasp before moving on to later sessions (or at least moving on to them with more clarity).

There are over 60(!) videos in included in the main portions of the course, and those videos don’t include the “action screencasts” that can be found throughout the modules. These screencasts offer recaps of the actionable steps presented in the videos, and also offer tutorials on how to complete certain actions related to apps and services.

The delivery of the videos is solid and the production value is high. Both Thanh and Aaron strive to make it seem as if they are right there with you along the way, which is evident in their style of delivery. In fact, Thanh and Aaron offer up “conversational” videos at the tail end of each module as a bonus. During these conversations, the two of them talk about the topic in a manner that really fits the tone of the entire program. The whole tone – the whole feel, really – of The Productivity Blueprint is that is very accessible. The approach they’ve taken with the material is wise because it tends to draw in both the productivity enthusiast and those that haven’t explored enhancing their own efficiency and effectiveness all that much.

The Productivity Blueprint is $997, or you can pay for it in two installments of $597, which might put it out of most people’s price range (although you’d be paying at least that much – or more – for short-term coaching elsewhere). But the Asian Efficiency team is so confident about this product that you can try the entire course risk-free, and if you don’t like it, they’ll give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

The Premium Edition of The Productivity Blueprint includes additional content like “interrogations” with several well-respected individuals on how they keep their productivity at high levels1, exercises, exclusive audio, and more. (Note: The Premium Edition can only be purchased when you pay for The Productivity Blueprint using the lump sum option, and is priced at an additional $497.)

Even though I disclose this across the board on the Start Here page, I felt that it was also a good idea to mention here that I am an affiliate for this program and will receive some remuneration for every product sold via the links above. And if you do buy it through my link, just forward a copy of your receipt to me and I will provide you with a Productivityist Coaching session to help you foster your efficiency and effectiveness even further. This exclusive bonus, valued at $200, is my way of saying thank you…and will serve to help you really take your productivity to a whole new level

The Productivity Blueprint is one of the most accessible and valuable productivity products available anywhere. I’ve not found a more comprehensive program that is such a solid combination of layered, tactical, and practical strategies for the price – and that includes products produced by the likes of Stephen Covey, David Allen, and Tony Robbins. The Asian Efficiency team have delivered a program that has an extensive shelf life and can help anyone – no matter their skill level or knowledge of productivity practices – bring their efficiency and effectiveness to incredible heights. The price tag won’t be for everyone, but the content certainly is.

You can get The Productivity Blueprint by clicking here.

1 Including yours truly.